Our firm provides legal services to the 99%, including individuals, families, and small businesses. We handle legal matters that most people encounter, like real estate, criminal law/DUI/OVI, family law, estate planning, small business, and personal injury. If we do not think we are a good fit for a client’s need, we will use our extensive network to refer or collaborate with an attorney more suited to handle that need.

Most of our clients are referred to us by other clients or professionals. We are grateful for this strong referral base and work to exceed all expectations. We pride ourselves on open, timely communication, practical advice, aggressive representation, and attention to detail. We do not take our reputation for granted.

We are a family firm here to help you navigate life’s adventures.


Practical Advice
We work hard to solve client problems in an efficient, practical manner. We don’t believe in wasting time or money on unnecessary maneuvering or paperwork.

We stand ready to confront or attack legal or factual issues our clients face. We pursue our clients’ interests forcefully, while always being professional and courteous to the adversary.

Professionals show up to work each day prepared and dedicated to serving their client’s best interests. This is who we are and what we do.

Everything we do is tailored to specific needs of each individual client. Our goal is to make the attorney-client relationship as seamless as possible. We want to make things easy on you. We do this by having a fully staffed office, using the latest technologies, and by not being tied to outdated legal trends.