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Experienced Lawyers and Tailored Service

The Giles Law Group attorneys have years of experience in defending individuals charged with OVI or other criminal offenses in Morrow County, Ohio. We aggressively defend our clients and understand that every client has unique needs.

We handle every aspect of the case, including applying for driving privileges, modifying bond conditions, and addressing other client concerns. We work closely with clients to help protect their job, keep families together, and maintain their mental health.

Most importantly we aggressively defend our clients Constitutional Rights. We demand that the government follow all guidelines and we fight against unlawful intrusions on citizen rights. Please give us a call today for a free consultation to discuss your Morrow County, Ohio OVI or Morrow County, Ohio Criminal case.

Lawyers with Integrity

The attorneys at Giles Law Group have a reputation for providing honest, aggressive, and competent representation. Many of our clients come from word of mouth referrals and referrals from other attorneys. We charge reasonable rates based on the charges and the expectations of the client. We do not charge for services that are not needed or desired by the client. We know the local courts’ practices and culture. We consider the provable facts, needs of the client, and the culture of the local courts in preparing a unique defense for each client. We apply these principals to every case, including OVI/DUI, misdemeanor, and felony criminal cases in Morrow County and throughout central Ohio.

Providing Emotional Support

Although attorneys at Giles Law Group are not therapists, they can help the accused deal with everyday emotions familiar to individuals facing criminal charges. The attorneys are work hard to help clients understand the many realities of the court system.

Any criminal case can cause stress. We work with a network of local counselors who help clients address stress and provide services that may ultimately help in the client’s defense. Our goal is the get clients out of the charges, but if that cannot happen, we want to help the client be in a better position than they were at the time the case started.

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