Why call the Giles Law Group if you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Knox county Ohio?

Not Just Experience, the Right Kind of Experience

To effectively and efficiently resolve a claim, a claimant must understand their rights and properly preserve and pursue those rights. The Giles Law Group has the experience and capability to accomplish this.

Our goal in representing clients in personal injury matters is to help them recover fully, both physically and financially.

Drawing on prior experience in representing families and individuals, the attorneys at the Giles Law Group in Knox county, Ohio, understand unique needs of each individual client, which helps them to effectively and efficiently resolve injury cases for the client’s benefit.

Additionally, having represented families and individuals, the attorneys at the Giles Law Group are well aware of the defenses that such parties may assert. They likewise are aware of the hurdles that may be encountered in preserving and pursuing a plaintiff’s rights in non-payment or slow payment matters.

Just as importantly, the Giles Law Group is well aware of the exceptions and case law used to overcome certain defenses and technical statutory requirements found throughout personal injury law.

Enabling Clients to Pursue Their Claim

The Giles Law Group approaches collection differently. Their goal is to enable clients to pursue money owed relating to personal injury claims that they would otherwise not follow and do so without compromise in a manner that provides financial recovery to their clients.

In other cases, even where attorney fees are recoverable, the thought of coming out of pocket for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees and then wait months, if not years, for money owed to be paid is not palatable.

As a result, the claimant accepts an amount much less than what is owed. The defendant and their insurance company are counting on this.

The Giles Law Group has the experience and knowledge to effectively resolve claims and do so without forcing the claimant to come out of pocket from the onset for attorney fees.

Peace of Mind

The Giles Law Group aims to provide their clients with the peace of mind that attorney fees are fixed and will not endlessly diminish the amount of the claim.

They have a comprehensive intake and evaluation procedure that allows them to discern the potential merits of a claim from the onset, as supported by information and actual documentation relating to the lawsuit.

It allows the Giles Law Group to provide their clients with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a claim.

Additionally, because of the unique background and experience, they understand the legal and technical aspects of claims and the dynamics of all parties involved, which allows them to develop a strategy designed to efficiently and effectively resolve a client’s claim.


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